Once a year, a report featuring essential information on the university activity is compiled. The University of Warsaw Annual Report 2019 includes significant data on UW. The UW Executive Summary and annexes are available in the English language. On 24th June, the UW Senate adopted the document.

Following the UW rector’s introduction, summing up the university activity and achievements during the two terms od Prof. Pałys in office (years 2012-2020), the UW Annual Report 2019 comprises information on significant events in 2019, and facts and figures regarding:

  • study offer,
  • admissions process,
  • scientific achievements,
  • collaboration with the social and economic environment,
  • international partners,
  • finance and investments.

The University of Warsaw remains the largest university in Poland and the best research centre in the country.


In 2019, the university community included 40 493 students and 2 451 doctoral candidates, including 4 802 international students. The University of Warsaw employs 7 498 people, including 3 834 academic teachers (529 professors).


The UW researchers participated in 53 projects financed under Horizon 2020 (including six grants from the European Research Council and 20 from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology) and 1 408 projects financed from national research grants.


The university worked together with over 680 international entities from over 100 countries under direct bilateral cooperation agreements (in 2019, 50 agreements were concluded and/or renewed).


On 24th June, the Senate of the University of Warsaw adopted the University of Warsaw Annual Report 2019 during its online meeting. The Executive Summary and annexes in English are part of it.


View the Annual Report 2019 (in Polish)


Executive Summary