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Students of the University of Warsaw may learn 36 different languages. The University System of Language Provision was distinguished by the European Union with the European Language Label of the Labels award – a European mark of innovative approach in language teaching and learning. The language offer of the University of Warsaw is open not only to students, but also to non-students, including foreigners.


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Language certificate

At the University of Warsaw you may try to pass an exam in one of 35 languages to receive the Language Proficiency Certificate. This document confirms proficiency of a given language in speech and writing at one of the levels defined by the Council of Europe. This document may serve as a proof of language proficiency when applying to university, for an international internship or a job.


Polish language courses

Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners “Polonicum” is the oldest centre for teaching Polish as a foreign language in Poland. The Centre extends its offer to those who are interested in learning our language and country – students, officers, but also people not related to the academia.


Apart from typical language classes, lecturers focus on the practical acquisition of the Polish language. Students participate in film screenings, multimedia programs acquainting them with Polish history and culture, as well as in ethnographic workshops.


Open courses

Summer courses

State Certificate Examinations in Polish