Research teams composed of representatives of UW and at least two other 4EU+ member institutions can apply for mini-grants supporting 4EU+ collaboration in Flagship 2. The closing date for submitting proposals is 15th July.

Joint research projects in Flagship 2 “Europe in a changing world: understanding societies, economies, cultures and languages” can be financed through UW mini-grants being part of the “Initiative of Excellence – Research University” project. Preliminary or pilot research, archive and library queries, access to research infrastructure, or monolingual editing are a few examples of activities that can be funded.


The submitted applications should be in line with the 4EU+ Alliance mission, the thematic scope of Flagship 2, and address the current challenges for Europe and the world, e.g. migration crisis, ageing society, the use of Big Data or the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Research teams can receive up to € 10 000. Maximum funding period: 12 months.


It is possible to submit only one mini-grant application per call. Online application form will be made available by 19th June.


Applications need to be submitted by 15th July. The results of the call will be announced by 3rd August.


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