University of Warsaw 4EU+ Alliance

Members of the 4EU+ Alliance:

University of Warsaw (Poland)

Charles University (Czech Republic)

Heidelberg University (Germany)

Sorbonne University (France)

University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

University of Geneva (Switzerland)

University of Milan (Italy)

European University

The 4EU+ Alliance is among the consortia selected for funding in the first pilot ‘European Universities’ call for proposals, launched as part of the 2019 Erasmus+ programme. Out of 54 proposals submitted in response to the call, the European Commission selected 17 European University alliances, which will obtain funding for their projects to become the ‘European Universities’ of the future. The EC press release >>


Important dates
  • 10th March 2018 – the Alliance was conceived by Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University and University of Warsaw. The 4EU partnership was formally established with the signing of a joint declaration in Paris
  • October 2018 – the University of Milan and University of Copenhagen joined the consortium in the last quarter of 2018, the Alliance thus becoming 4EU+
  • 17th January 2019 – rectors of the six institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Heidelberg in January 2019
  • 28th February 2019 – the 4EU+ Alliance submitted an application in the Erasmus+ “European Universities” dedicated call
  • 26th June 2019 – the 4EU+ Alliance was selected as a pilot “European University”
  • 7th–8th November 2019 – 4EU+ participated in the kick-off event of the European Universities Initiative which took place in Brussels
  • July 2020 – 4EU+ has been awarded additional funding in the Horizon 2020 “Science with and for Society” call to support the research and innovation dimension of European University Alliances
  • 27th July 2022 –  4EU+ project 1CORE awarded funding in the Erasmus+ call for European University Alliances
  • 1st August 2022 – the University of Geneva joined the consortium



The 4EU+ mission is to develop a barrier-free and continuously deepening cooperation in education, research and innovation within the Alliance. Through this collaboration and working in partnerships, the Alliance serves society to the highest level with our core values, e.g. academic and research freedom, collaboration in an interdisciplinary approach, integrity, creativity and openness, and internationalisation.


More than 100 joint research, education and staff competence development project proposals have been put forward, with the majority of them being rooted in the 4EU+ Flagship Programmes:

  • Urban health and demographic change;
  • Europeanness: multilingualism, pluralities, citizenship;
  • Data – Models – Transformations;
  • Environmental transitions.
4EU+ Flagship 1 introductory video

“Health and demographic change in an urban environment” is the title of Flagship 1 programme of the 4EU+ Alliance. In the video, representatives of the 4EU+ member universities present its thematic spectrum and the most important challenges faced by scientists, PhD candidates, and students cooperating within the Flagship. By conducting joint scientific and educational projects, F1 representatives want to contribute to the promotion of health and the development of smart cities. The UW representative, Dr. Grzegorz Kula from the UW Faculty of Economic Sciences, the 4EU+ F1 Coordinator, is among them. As the movie is multilingual, therefore turn on the subtitles, please.

4EU+ Flagship 2 introductory video

“Europe in a changing world: Understanding and engaging societies, economies, cultures and languages” is the title of Flagship 2 programme of the 4EU+ Alliance. In the video, academics and a PhD candidate from different 4EU+ member universities speak about its thematic spectrum, research and education goals. The UW representative, Prof. Anna Wojtyś from the UW Faculty of Modern Languages, the 4EU+ F2 Coordinator, is among them. As the movie is multilingual, therefore turn on the subtitles, please.

4EU+ Flagship 3 introductory video

“Data, Models, Transformations” is one of the 4EU+ Flagships. It is a novel combination of approaches to questions about Big Data and computational sciences. In the video, the representatives of the 4EU+ member universities present the Flagship’s thematic spectrum and its main goals and achievements.  The UW representative, Marta Kopeć from the UW nterdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, is among them. As the movie is multilingual, therefore turn on the subtitles, please.

4EU+ Flagship 4 introductory video

“Environmental transitions” is one of the 4EU+ Flagships. It is dedicated to both education and research that will ensure solutions to our sustainable development needs. The Flagship 4 includes specific strengths in various areas of life, earth, chemical and environmental sciences. In the video, representatives of the 4EU+ member universities present the Flagship thematic spectrum and their own experiences, gained during activities and courses organised within the thematic scope of Flagship 4. The UW representative, Michał Kochanowski, student at the UW Faculty of Biology, is among them. As the movie is multilingual, therefore turn on the subtitles, please.


4EU+ Mission Statement

In July 2020 the 4EU+ Alliance has been awarded additional funding in the Horizon 2020 ‘Science with and for Society’ call to support the research and innovation dimension of European University Alliances.


Thanks to the H2020 supplementary grant for the project TRAIN4EU+ (Transforming ReseArch & INnovation agendas and support in 4EU)+, it will be possible to develop long-term joint strategies on research and innovation, in line with the alliances’ overall visions and strategies. It will support coordinated institutional transformation efforts at the research and innovation (R&I) level, including:

  • multiplying and mainstreaming open science practices,
  • strengthening human capital,
  • embedding a strong equal opportunities culture,
  • reinforcing co-creation with the non-academic sectors or digitalisation of research support processes.
Newsletter of 4EU+ Alliance




4EU+ mini-grants competition

UW in a project on a European status for European Universities

“Solidarity with Ukraine” under the NAWA funding

4EU+ Annual Meeting in Copenhagen

4EU+ conference at the UW


Erasmus+ Days with 4EU+

During the live online event, students and doctoral candidates from all 4EU+ universities had a chance to learn about the Erasmus+ mobility opportunities.

University of Geneva in the 4EU+ Alliance

“Collegio Futuro” workshop

Collegio Futuro is a joint interdisciplinary doctoral college of the 4EU+ member universities. It seeks to foster the essential skills that future leaders need in order to tackle our urgent environmental, economic and social challenges.


During the hybrid workshops, doctoral students work together on projects dealing with a practical approach to environmental problems, acquiring new skills in interdisciplinary communication, project development or system and project thinking.

More information >>

“4EU+ Against Cancer” Summer School

4EU+ Cancer Against Cancer was a summer school that took place between 3rd and 9th July 2022 at the University of Warsaw. The event, organised in the framework of a 4EU+ educational project, brought together international students, doctoral candidates and researchers, specialising in oncology, biology, biotechnology, etc.

4EU+ project 1CORE awarded funding in the Erasmus+ call for European University Alliances

Project “One Comprehensive Research European University” (1CORE) has been selected under the 2022 European Universities call launched by the European Commission.


The 1CORE project involves Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic), Sorbonne University (Paris, France), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Heidelberg University (Germany), University of Milan (Italy) and the University of Warsaw (Poland). University of Geneva (Switzerland) – a new member of the 4EU+ Alliance – will participate in the project-related activities with the financial support of the Swiss government agency Movetia.


The UNREAD project conference in Warsaw

Urban transformation processes, gentrification, environmental law, architecture and memory in cities. These are some of the topics discussed during the final conference of the “UNREAD” project that took place on 24th and 25th March 2022. „Urban Regulations and Political Memory: Towards understanding Spatio-Temporal aspects of Urban Development” (UNREAD) is one of the 4EU+ educational projects, an interdisciplinary course conducted by a team of historians, lawyers and geographers from 3 universities: the University of Warsaw, University of Milan and Charles University. During the 30-hour course, the students participated in online lectures conducted by academic teachers from the 4EU+ universities.


38 students and PhD candidates and 12 academics participated in the last part of the project, a conference organised at the University of Warsaw Library. Students prepared essays and presented them during two panels of the conference. The participants had an opportunity to enjoy guided tours around the University of Warsaw campus and library, listen to a concert, integrate with colleagues from other universities, and develop international contacts.

More info on >>

19 mini-grants of Charles University for UW researchers

4EU+ Annual Meeting in Heidelberg: Coverage

Results of the 2nd call for 4EU+ educational projects

Additional information


Important links


4EU+ website:

4EU+ on Twitter:

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4EU+ on YouTube >>


Office for International Research and Liaison – coordinates the UW contribution to the 4EU+

Press Office – responds to media enquiries

Flagship Coordinators at UW
  • Dr Catherine Suski-Grabowski (Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling) / Dr Grzegorz Kula (Faculty of Economic Sciences) – Flagship 1 “Urban health and demographic change”
  • Prof. Anna Wojtyś (Faculty of Modern Languages) / Prof. Agata Bareja-Starzyńska (Faculty of Oriental Studies) – Flagship 2 “Europeanness: multilingualism, pluralities, citizenship”
  • Prof. Błażej Miasojedow (Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics) / Prof. Agnieszka Świerczewska-Gwiazda (Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics) – Flagship 3 “Data – Models – Transformations”
  • Dr Julia Pawłowska (Faculty of Biology) / Dr Mariola Zalewska (University Centre for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development) – Flagship 4 “Environmental transitions”



4EU+ Education Days

On 20-21 June the 4EU+ Education Days will be organised as part of the NAWA-funded “4EU+ for Ukraine” project. The event will take place on-site at the University of Warsaw and online.


The programme of the 4EU+ Education Days includes various workshops and training sessions. They will cover such topics as strategies for digital teaching and learning, the European Degree label project, Erasmus Mundus Design Measures and Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters, joint studies accreditation in EHEA and the 4EU+ Quality Management System.


The 4EU+ Educations Days are open for academic and administrative staff of 4EU+ member universities and partner higher education institutions from Ukraine.


In order to take part in the event, it is necessary to fill out the registration form until 16th June.


All the details and the programme of the event can be found on the 4EU+ Alliance website >>

4EU+ Student Night

Organised by students of Heidelberg University, the 4EU+ Student Night will be held on 10th May from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.. It will take place on-site in Heidelberg in lecture hall 4a in the New University and will also be live streamed to the 4EU+ member universities.


The key objective of the 4EU+ Student Night is to inform students and doctoral candidates about the educational activities offered within the four interdisciplinary Flagships of the Alliance and accompanying funding opportunities. Members of the 4EU+ Student Executive Committee, responsible for representing students and doctoral candidates within 4EU+, will share their experiences on being involved in the Alliance and answer questions from participants.


The event takes place in the context of the DAAD-initiated “European Universities Week”.

More information >>

4EU+ Against Cancer: Summer School 2023

Call for papers “Migration within the EU Context seen through a multi-disciplinary and plurilinguistic view”

Within the scope of the 4EU+ consortium, Charles University (Czech Republic), the University of Milan (Italy) and Sorbonne University (France) have launched a call of proposals for early career scholars (PhD students, qualified undergraduate students), with a scientific expertise in the fields of Public, Constitutional, European, International or Comparative Law and/or Linguistics. The conference will take place on 11th– 12th September 2023and it will be hosted in person by the Faculty of Law (Charles University in Prague). This conference will alternate presentations from participants as well as a number of seminars held by keynote speakers from the 4EU+ Universities.


The purpose of the conference is to analyse and deepen, also from a comparative perspective, the way in which, in the 21st century, language and legislations in the migration perspective have become almost indivisible, as one influences the other on a rather deep level.

Abstract submission by 31 May 2023

More information >>

Open consultation hour for academics from the 4EU+ Alliance universities

With the aim of providing continuous advice on current issues and concepts in higher education didactics, and also to promote interdisciplinary exchange between lecturers in this field, the Teaching and Learning Department at the heiSKILLS Competencies and Language Centre of Heidelberg University is offering a regular online consultation hour open to teaching staff from all 4EU+ universities.

The Open Hour takes place over lunch via heiCONF on 7th March, 4th April, 2nd May, 6th June and 4th July (from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.).

Detailed information >>

#GrowingTogether: new calls for academics from the 4EU+ Alliance universities

On 17th March, the 4EU+ Alliance announced two calls for academics from member universities.

  • The SEED4EU+ call offers the academic community of 4EU+ universities the opportunity to fund out-of-the-box initiatives that do not necessarily fit into customary calls for project proposals, thus allowing them to broaden their creative horizons;

  • 4EU+ Visiting Professorships is a pilot programme seeks to enhance the knowledge and skills of academic staff at the 7 member universities of the Alliance, to support new and enrich existing collaborations and to lead to the creation of novel expertise within 4EU+. It intends to enlarge the community of researchers and academics that are actively involved in 4EU+ activities.


Application deadline for both: 1st June.

Detailed information >>

New calls for academics from the 4EU+ universities


Info session on the SEED4EU+ and Visiting Profesorships calls (Wednesday, 26 April, 10:30-12:00 CET)

With the growth being the leitmotif of the two calls, the Alliance encourages proposals that will widen the 4EU+ community, foster mutual competence development and meaningful mobility between 4EU+ member universities, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of 4EU+ collaboration.


This commitment to growth is also reflected in the financial engagement of the Alliance: the funding of the SEED4EU+ initiative comes directly from the budgets of 4EU+ member universities, while the Visiting Professorships programme is funded from the budget of the 4EU+ European University Alliance Association.


The session will be held in English and is open to academics, researchers and doctoral candidates of the seven 4EU+ member universities: Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University, University of Copenhagen, University of Geneva, University of Milan and the University of Warsaw.


If you would like to participate in the info session, please fill in the registration form under this link by Monday, 24 April, end of the day.

A link to the info session will be sent to the registered participants the day before the event and in the morning of the event.


For any questions about the info session or the funding calls, please contact your the UW 4EU+ office: 4euplus(at)


More information >>

MERGEDgate workshop

MERGEDgate is an interdisciplinary workshop on global environment and development that will take place in Chiavenna, Italy, on 27 – 30 June 2023.


The workshop is open to bachelor students in the general disciplines of natural, social or economic sciences, at the Universities of Copenhagen, Milano and Warsaw. Priority will be given to second year BA students.


Application deadline: 24th March.

More information >>

The 4EU+ Open Science seminars

The 4EU+ Open Science seminars are back, and just like Open Science – they are free from paywalls and borders. Whether you are a PhD candidate, senior researcher, staff member working in research support or you are simply curious – you are welcome to join the seminars. As they are held online, you can do it from practically anywhere. All you need to do is to secure your spot by filling in the registration form for each seminar you are interested in.


More information >>

Free Online 4EU+ Course: Data Literacy

“Data Literacy – What is it and Why Does it Matter?” is the title of an open online course.

It will cover issues from three perspectives: data in personal life, data in society, and data in knowledge production. The aim is threefold:

  • to expand the skills and abilities to identify, understand, and interpret the many roles of digital technologies in daily life;
  • to enable the participants to discern when data-driven technologies add value to people’s lives, and when they exploit human vulnerabilities or deplete the commons;
  • to cultivate a deeper understanding of how data-driven technologies are shaping knowledge production and how they may be realigned with real human needs and values.


The course is funded by Erasmus+ and developed by the 4EU+ University Alliance including Charles University (Univerzita Karlova), Sorbonne Unviersity (Sorbonne Université), University of Copenhagen (Københavns Universitet), University of Milan (Università degli studi di Milano), and University of Warsaw (Uniwersytet Warszawski).


More information >>

European Citizenship – Free online 4EU+ course

This course examines the development, the scope and the challenges of European Citizenship.


The course is developed by the 4EU+ University Alliance (Univerzita Karlova, Universität Heidelberg, Sorbonne Université, Københavns Universitet, Università degli studi di Milano, Uniwersytet Warszawski). The creation of the course was supported by the Erasmus+ Programme.


The course is free and open to everyone interested. It is structured in three modules, consisting of video lectures, readings, discussion fora, quizzes and/or assignments. The estimated learner workload is 2–3 hours per week in three weeks.

More information >>