University of Warsaw Excellence initiative – research university

Excellence initiative – research university

The University of Warsaw received funding in the first competition in the framework of the “Excellence initiative – research university (2020-2026)” programme organised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

More information about the “Excellence initiative” at the University of Warsaw (e.g. schedule of calls, contact details):

The competition

The main objective of the programme is to identify HEIs in Poland that have the highest potential to improve their quality of research and teaching, strengthen international collaboration and develop management practices promoting scientific excellence. Out of 20 applications submitted in response to the call, the Ministry has selected 10 HEIs. Experts evaluating the UW application gave it the highest evaluation score. The selected HEIs, including the University of Warsaw, will receive a state subsidy increased by 10% annually for 6 years (2020-2026).


UW strenghts

The University of Warsaw was highly evaluated among other HEIs taking part in the competition. Evaluators stressed the fact that UW has already been carrying out world-class research in areas considered as priority research areas. What is more, they tackle global challenges. Evaluators indicated strengths of the University of Warsaw, e.g. good research performance, international collaboration, promising potential, modern research infrastructure, and excellent location.The project that UW is planing will certainly have a positive impact.

5 priority research areas

Thanks to the “Excellence initiative – research university” funding, UW will develop five priority research areas addressing main contemporary societal challenges:

  • Science for the Planet. Integrated multidisciplinary approach to identify and address environmental threats: climate change, biodiversity, health.
  • Beyond Micro and Macro Worlds: searching for the cutting-edge innovations. The materials, energy sources, and technologies for the future, enabling balanced growth of science and economy.
  • The Challenge of Petabytes. Advanced mathematics and computer science developing analytical tools to cope with massive data – from random processes on stock exchange to medical diagnostics.
  • The Humanities: Crossing Borders, Extending Capabilities. The growing body of research go across the borders of disciplines of science, discovering new insights into the mind, language, and culture.
  • Responding to Global Challenges. Searching for regional solutions to increased mobility, multifacted inequalities, digital transformation in joint multidisciplinary teams.


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