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Incoming and outgoing students and staff

In 2023, over 6,800 applications were submitted by UW affiliates and students for international visits, which lasted less than a year. Students take part in grant and internship programmes, academics teach and participate in research projects and conferences, and general staff participate in training. Meanwhile, 3,662 students and doctoral candidates from abroad studied at the UW. Our University is the most frequently chosen by international students out of all Polish universities. The number of undergraduates, postgraduates and scholarship holders under various international exchange programmes keeps growing.


Academic exchange

In 2023, the University’s community included over 2,500 international students. International exchange for students, doctoral students and employees is organised under:

LLP Erasmus, Erasmus+

In terms of academic exchange the University of Warsaw stands out not only among Polish universities but also internationally. In 2013, the European Commission selected – out of more than 3,000 higher education institutions from various countries – 100 universities which have been successful in student exchange. UW ranked 7th in this list.


In December 2013 University of Warsaw was awarded with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the whole period of the Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020). Erasmus+ mobility projects are financed through European Union funds under the Key Action 1: Learning mobility of individuals. In 2014, a new programme was introduced – Erasmus+, replacing all previous programmes. The University of Warsaw has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) for 2021-2027 from the European Commission. The UW exchanges students and staff with the schools from programme countries and partner countries.


In 2016, the University of Warsaw received a distinction for its performance in the implementation of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Eductaion (ECHE), given by the European Commisssion.


The University is mostly visited by students from Spain, Germany, Italy, France and Turkey.


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Erasmus Mundus projects

UW not only participates in EU exchange programmes but also coordinates projects to encourage both students and staff to go abroad:

  • SALAM 1, SALAM 2 – Study Abroad Learning And Mobility for promoting structured cooperation and European higher education for Iran, Iraq and Yemen. UW leads a consortium of 16 universities.
  • SIGMA, SIGMA Agile – Critical Skills Learning for Innovation, Sustainable Growth, Mobility and Employ Ability in the Multicultural Environment of the Western Balkans, with 20 participating universities.

Additional information

International Relations Office

Office for International Research and Liaison

Office of Research Administration 

Mobility in Research & Education @ the University of Warsaw” – a searcher for students and employees who would like to take part in mobility projects


External Links:

Erasmus+ Programme

National Agency for Academic Exchange

20 years of the Erasmus programme at UW

UW works with over 800 institutions outside Poland.

Our relations with non-EU universities are developing dynamically too, it is most evident in Asia, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Brazil. International agreements with these countries enable us to run joint education, research and academic exchange projects.


350 universities in 76 countries that work with UW under bilateral agreements

460 universities that work with UW under Erasmus+ programme

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