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European Union framework programmes


Financial perspective for 2021–2027

In 2021, a new research and innovation funding programme Horizon Europe was launched for the period of 2021–2027. Its first calls received 90 proposals from researchers of the University of Warsaw. Grant agreements were signed for over 20 new projects, which covered the amount of approx. €11.5 million, including five ERC grants that amounted to €7.9 million. There are still two other projects that await the final recognition and funding from the European Union.


Projects under the Horizon Europe in 2021 (pdf)


Financial perspective for 2014–2020

Final calls under the Horizon 2020 (Green Deal) were closed in January 2021. Researchers from the University of Warsaw submitted 11 proposals, whereas two of them obtained the requested funding. 


The UW researchers submitted 731 proposals under the Horizon 2020 (until 31st December 2021) and received funds of €38 million to carry out 113 projects altogether. 12 of them were granted over €15.5 million by the European Research Council and 26 projects within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions won the funding of over €6 million. All in all, the University of Warsaw appeared most successful in the Horizon 2002 research and innovation projects from among other research institutions in Poland. The projects within the Horizon 2020 will have been realised by 2026.


Projects under EU framework programmes by year:

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – 7PR, 2015 – H20202016 – 7PR2016 – H2020, 2017 – 7PR, 2017 – H2020, 2018 – 7PR, 2018 – H2020, 2019 – 7PR, 2019 – H2020, 2020 – H2020, 2021 – H2020 (the list covers the projects that were being conducted in 2021 and the completed projects that received the last grant instalment in 2021).


Financial perspective for 2007–2014

The University of Warsaw took part in 99 projects under the 7th Framework Programme. The received funding amounted to approx. €32.5 million.

According to the European Commission’s report ”Innovation Union Competitiveness Report” the University of Warsaw was most effective in grant winning when compared to other research institutions in Poland.


Structural funds


Financial perspective for 2014–2020

The University of Warsaw receives funds from the EU Operational Programmes (OP), such as:

The updated list of projects under the EU Operational Programmes 2014–2020 is available here (in Polish) >>


Financial perspective for 2007–2013

The University of Warsaw received grants from the below funds:

  • European Social Fund (ESF) 2004–2006 – 24 projects – PLN 28.5 million
  • European Regional Development Fund 2004-2006 – 10 projects – PLN 73 million
  • Operational Programme “Human Capital” – 55 projects – PLN 184 million
  • Operational Programme “Innovative Economy” – 23 projects – PLN 540 million
  • Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment” – 1 project – PLN 280 million
  • Regional Operational Programmes – 3 projects – PLN 66.5 million
  • European Regional Development Fund Innovative Economy Operational Programme, the Foundation for Polish Science – 41 projects – PLN 60 million
  • European Regional Development Fund Human Capital Operational Programme, the Foundation for Polish Science – 3 projects – PLN 300,000
  • other, under the Social Funds – 9 projects – PLN 4.3 million

The list of the most meaningful projects of the UW from the Social Funds (2007–2013) (in Polish)


Academic mobility programmes


The Erasmus+ programme since 1st January 2014