The University of Warsaw rector’s statement regarding comments on LGBT+ people in public discourse.

Dear All,


We are all equal at the University of Warsaw.


Since the beginning of the academic year, we have been leading a campaign aims to emphasise that there is no place for any form of discrimination at the university, and every person who experienced discrimination will find support.


All UW employees, doctoral candidates and students, regardless of their gender, age, religion, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation, are equal and important for our community.


The message of our campaign is even stronger now in the face of recent humiliating and discriminating comments of some politicians on LGBT+ people.


It is still needed to remind, this seemingly obvious principle, that regardless of the differences that vary us, everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We expect it, particularly from public figures.


We are all equal. We cannot forget about it.


Marcin Pałys

UW rector




In 2011, the University of Warsaw appointed its ombudsman, a fully independent and neutral university officer, to whom students, faculty, and administrative staff may turn for assistance in matters related to the university and its community, informally and confidentially. The ombudsman supports the staff and students in problem-solving and sees to it that all members of the academic community are treated fairly and honestly. Since 2016, UW has its Equal Opportunity Chief Specialist who is engaged in anti-discrimination policy, equal treatment, and diversity issues at our university. There is also the Rector’s Committee for Preventing Discrimination. More information >>