6 projects coordinated by UW academics will receive funding in the first 4EU+ call for educational projects.

More than 50 applications have been submitted in the call for educational projects. 31 of them have been approved for funding. Projects aim to bring together academics, doctoral candidates and students from at least three 4EU+ member universities. They are related to the theme of one of the 4EU+ Flagships.


The final list of projects includes 31 projects, among them:

  • 8 projects belonging to Flagship 1: Health and demographic change in an urban environment,
  • 11 projects belonging to Flagship 2: Europe in a changing world: Understanding and engaging societies, economies, cultures and languages,
  • 6 projects belonging to Flagship 3: Transforming science and society by advancing information, computation and communication,
  • 6 projects belonging to Flagship 4: Biodiversity and sustainable development.

The educational activities to be carried out by the successful project teams vary in scope, format and length, although all of them are due to deliver results by autumn 2022. They encompass summer and winter schools, micro-degree programmes, online, blended and traditional courses, as well as the development of joint study programmes.

Selected projects coordinated by UW academics:
  • “Smart cities for ageing societies” – Dr. Grzegorz Kula from the Faculty of Economic Sciences (Flagship 1),
  • “Plurality of Memories in Europe in a Global Perspective” – Dr. Nicolas Masłowski from the Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies (Flagship 2),
  • “College of Central European Studies” – Dr. Nicolas Maslowski from the Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies and Prof. Paweł Rodak from the Faculty of Polish Studies (Flagship 2),
  • “Dimension Francophone” – Prof. Maciej Abramowicz from the Faculty of „Artes Liberales” and Dr. Nicolas Maslowski from the Centre for French Culture and Francophone Studies (Flagship 2),
  • “Development of an innovative educational program for students concerning the methods of prevention and rules of conduct towards victims of gender-based mobbing and violence online course” – Prof.Kamilla Bargiel-Matusiewicz and Agnieszka Łyś z the Faculty of Psychology (Flagship 2),
  • “N-PROM: European Network for Psycholinguistic Research on Multilingualism and Multilingual Development–DIGITAL AND BLENDED LEARNING INITIATIVE” – Prof. Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic from the Faculty of Modern Languages and Dr. Johannes Gerwien from the University of Heidelberg (Flagship 2).

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