Welcome Point will organise “Cultural Orientation at UW – Practical Workshops”. The main goal of the event is to provide all newcomers at the University of Warsaw with tools that will ease their life in a new place at the very beginning. The workshops are held on 28th-29th September and 1st-2nd October. The registration is required.

Welcome Point of the University of Warsaw is organising “Cultural Orientation at UW – Practical Workshops” for international students (long-term students only). Each workshop will be conducted online and will last two days, from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. Please note that once registered one must participate in a two-day event.


Workshops time schedule:


  • Workshop on 28th–29th September for first-year long term students of the first-cycle (BA) and doctoral candidates. Registration >>
  • Workshop on 1st–2nd October for long term students of 2nd and 3rd year of the first cycle (BA), long term students of the second cycle (MA), long term students of 4th and 5th year of uniform master level studies. Registration >>

The following topics will be discussed during the workshop:


  • How cultural differences influence daily communication in the academic community.
  • The structure of the University of Warsaw.
  • Communication with academic and administrative staff: dos and don’ts.
  • Studying at the University of Warsaw from a foreigner perspective.
  • Intercultural communication: useful tips and tools.

Participation is completely free of charge. Application deadlline: 17th September, midnight.


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Cultural Orientation Workshop at the UW (1st–2nd October) is organized within the Integrated Development Programme at the University of Warsaw and is funded by European Social Fund.