On 30th May Welcome Point organised the workshop “Exams are coming!”. During the event, the UW students had a chance to learn how to prepare effectively for their exams. 

“Exams are coming! How to be(come) effective learner and get rid of unnecessary stress” was a full-day workshop prepared by Welcome Point for long-term students of the University of Warsaw. The workshop agenda included:


  • identifying the causes of procrastination (postponing important tasks) and the effects of procrastination on health;
  • learning methods to prevent procrastination;
  • learning techniques for effective time management;
  • learning how to work in a group;
  • strengthening creative search for solutions;
  • learning strategies for effective learning before exams;
  • creating a personalised action plan.

The event was held on 30th May from 9 am to 4 pm at the UW Faculty of Modern Languages. The language of instruction was English.