On 17th June, members of the Electoral College will elect the UW rector for the 2020-2024 term. On 21st May, the University Electoral Committee registered three candidates. On 25th May, the candidates presented their programmes and answered questions, during the online pre-election meeting with members of the UW academic community. One can watch the debate on the UW YouTube. The link is available below.

The University of Warsaw rector election will be held on 17th June. 


On 21st May, the University Electoral Committee registered three candidates for that position:

– Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, www: http://alojzynowak.pl, Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlojzyZNowak;

– Prof. Paweł Strzelecki, www: https://www.pawelstrzelecki.pl, Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pawe1Strze1ecki;

– Prof. Andrzej Tarlecki, www: https://tarlecki.pl, Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndrzejTarlecki.

The candidates took part in the pre-election meeting which was held remotely on the UW YouTube channel on 25th May at 16:00.

One could watch the debate on the University of Warsaw website. The link to the live stream in Polish is available here >>


Also, the meeting was simultaneously interpreted. The link to the English version of the live stream is available here >>

During the meeting, the candidates for the UW rector presented their programmes and answered the selected questions. Every member of the UW community could ask one question and sent it within one application. Qestions were supposed to be formulated clearly and succinctly – so that it could take no more than two minutes to read it.


Prof. Ryszard Piotrowski, the chairman of the University Electoral Committee, who chaired the meeting, drew seven questions. Most of them concerned doctoral candidate matters.