The University Council for the Certification of Language Proficiency issued a resolution regarding the organisation of the foreign language proficiency examinations for the summer examination session of the academic year 2019/2020. Unless a mandatory requirement for the student’s degree, it is recommended that students postpone taking the examination to the following academic year.

For those who will take exams, the University Council for the Certification of Language Proficiency outlined the two examinations formats:

  • An online oral examination which will allow students to complete their studies but will not entitle them to a Certificate of Language Proficiency.
  • A standard Language Proficiency Examination: the paper-based written test taken in accordance with the current strict health and safety precautions, followed by an online oral examination. This option will entitle a student to receive the Certificate of Language Proficiency.

The B2 English Proficiency Examination – regardless of the format chosen by the student – is only available to students in the 3rd year of a Bachelor’s degree and students in the 3rd, 4th or 5th years of a single Master’s degree.


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See Appendix 1 – Procedures to be followed during the oral examination conducted remotely through the use of Google Meet (Instructions for students) >>