The University Electoral Committee adopted a resolution changing the election activities conducted at the University of Warsaw. Due to the document, the UW rector will be elected on 17th June. New dates regarding election procedures result from the Order of the Rector of the University of Warsaw on prevention of the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In response to the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the UW rector decided to cancel lectures and classes for students and doctoral candidates, except those conducted online. Open events at the University of Warsaw will not take place until 30th April. Also, business travels abroad and participation in domestic conferences are suspended.


These circumstances impacted the University Electoral Committee to adopt the resolution that changes election activities at the university. In accordance with the document:

  • The UW Senate meeting aimed togive its opinion on each candidate (both indicated by the Electoral College and by the University Council) will take place by 22nd May (initial date: 18th March)
  • A pre-election meeting with all candidates for the rector will be held on 25th May (initial date: 30th March)
  • The University of Warsaw Rector election by the UW Electoral College will be held on 17th June (initial date: 22nd April)
  • The University of Warsaw Senate members elections will take place on 17th June (initial date: 22nd April)
  • Meetings to present candidates for Senate members at the faculties and the elections of Senate members at the faculties will take place by 30th June (initial date: 22nd April)
  • Procedures for appointing candidates for the position of dean will be completed by 31st August (initial date: 29th May)
  • Procedures for appointing candidates for the position of deputy dean for student affairs will be completed by 20th September (initial date: 10th June)
Candidates for the UW rector:

– Prof. Alojzy Nowak

– Prof. Andrzej Tarlecki

– Prof. Paweł Strzelecki