On 16th October, the University of Warsaw and the Medical University of Warsaw signed a letter of intent on the creation of their federation. Both universities want to carry out joint research projects, run joint courses, and enable their students and employees to use facilities of a partner university. UW and WUM want to formalise their cooperation in October 2019.


Until the 1950s, medicine and pharmacy were taught at the University of Warsaw. However, the state authorities decided to detach them from the university and established the Medical Academy (today’s Medical University of Warsaw). The links between Warsaw’s universities were strong not only in the past. The academies work in close cooperation. Since last year, UW and WUM have gradually tightened their collaboration. The institutions have already organised a series of meetings dedicated to researchers, started a pilot programme for students and developed a system of micro-grants for employees and doctoral students.


Meetings of scientists

From November 2017 to May 2018, the UW and WUM scientists have been meeting each other at partner universities in order to discuss the areas they can work together in. This includes exact and natural sciences (chemistry, biology, physics in biology and medicine, mathematics in medicine, genetics, neuropsychology, immunology, physiology, regenerative medicine, pharmacy), as well as social sciences and humanities (speech therapy, public health, bioethics, psychology, vaccinology, medical jurisprudence, forensics, and sexology).


Joint courses

In January, UW and WUM signed an agreement on a pilot programme which enables students to enrol for optional courses at both universities. 75 students used the opportunity and attended the courses in the summer semester this year. In the 2018/2019 academic year, a range of courses will be extended. Moreover, WUM students could take part in numerous initiatives organised by the UW incubator, e.g. in “BraveCamp” and “PROspołeczni”.

Microgrants for joint research projects

On 1st October UW and WUM started a programme of microgrants. It aims to support researchers and doctoral students in applying for external grants such as Horizon 2020, National Science Centre (NCN), Ministry of Higher Education, National Centre for Research and Development. The UW subsidy is up to PLN 10 000. Scientists from both universities can use the grant to visit international universities and research centres, cover the cost of participation in seminars and scientific conferences.


Thanks to the federation, UW and WUM will:

  • run joint courses for students,
  • carry out joint research projects,
  • jointly educate doctoral students,
  • enable students and employees to use the facilities of a partner university, e.g. libraries and sport facilities,
  • work together to commercialise research results and collaborate in the field of transfer technology.