UW international long-term students, who have already spent some time in Poland, can take part in the two-day workshop on communication and multiculturalism which will be held from 18th to 19th January. One can register until 4th January.

How to deal with misunderstandings, work in a team in a multicultural environment, or give feedback in professional and private situations? Students of last four semesters of their studies (2nd and 3rd year of BA, and MA students) will have an opportunity to enhance their communication and social skills. The workshop is organised by the UW Welcome Point.


The meeting will consist of two integral parts: cultural and communicational. Students will learn various theories regarding culture and get the practical tools to understand it.


Participants need to register by 4th January 2019. The meeting is organised within the University’s Integrated Development Programme.


Further information may be found on the UW Welcome Point website.