More than 12 000 students of the University of Warsaw already use their eID cards (“mLegitymacja”). With the mobile version of the document, students can confirm their student status and benefit from statutory discounts.

“mLegitymacja” is a mobile version of a student card confirming the student status and entitling students to benefit from discounts. Student card service is carried out without the participation of the university administration. Students can order, extend and revoke their eID cards through the USOS Mobile app and USOSweb.


Its operation is possible thanks to the “mObywatel” application, after integrating the system with the mobile application USOS. Detailed information and installation instructions can be found on the USOS website, the USOS Mobile app and the mObywatel app.



To reinstall a student electronic ID card on a new device, go to “mLegitymacja” on the USOS website or to the USOS Mobile app and select “Revoke mLegitymacja”. This feature is also useful if the activation code was ordered some time ago and the “mObywatel” application indicates an error with the text: “mLegitymacja does not exist”.


There is no need to visit the university in person in order to activate, renew or revoke student electronic ID cards.

The mobile student ID card is the full-fledged equivalent of a plastic student card. However, having a traditional version of the document is still an obligation. Electronic ID cards have a complementary function.

The validity of electronic student ID cards has been extended in USOS from 31.01.2021 and 31.03.2021 to 30.06.2021.