UW students, doctoral candidates, post-docs and graduates can now enrol for the EIT Food RIS Fellowships and develop their talent with top agri-food players during a paid internship in the EU. The deadline for applying is 12th April. 

Each year young passionate people from higher education take up their chance to get a unique internship among agri-food European top players. In this 4th edition of the EIT Food RIS Fellowships Action Line, 40 internship opportunities in different departments and operation areas are prepared for them. 


It is possible to find a place among big companies like Maspex, Puratos, Grupo AN, or small start-ups like Napiferyn Biotech, Agricolus, Foodpairing or many others. 


The Action Line is divided into 2 complementary programmes – RIS Fellowships dedicated to Master of Science students and graduates and RIS Talents dedicated to Ph.D. students and postdocs from 28 EIT RIS countries which both aim to promote brain circulation, contributing to enhancing the innovativeness of personnel and development of scientific impact by supporting the creation and diffusion of high-quality new knowledge, skills, competences and solutions to food system challenges.


An international internship is paid and lasts 3-6 months. The organisers are flexible when it comes to internship modes. They find best-fitted solutions to COVID travelling situations. It is possible to choose one of the ways: online, on-site or a hybrid.

  • If you are MSc, apply academic knowledge in practical work contexts and develop a creative problem-solving competence. Apply here >>
  • If you are a PhD, do not miss the chance to develop critical thinking competence by participating in innovation projects, R&D projects led by EIT Food partner organisations or Horizon Europe projects. Apply here >>

More information is available at www.eitfoodrisfellowships.eu.