As set in the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, the University of Warsaw supports the scientific careers of its researchers and doctoral candidates. Under the University’s Integrated Development Programme (ZIP) they are offered a number of support and skills development projects that are useful not only in their research work, but also in their professional and social activities.

The ZIP actions that are focused on the doctoral development include:

  • strengthening the cooperation between doctoral candidates and international experts, and starting new international research teams;
  • facilitating scientific development of doctoral candidates as well as their PhD dissertations;
  • upgrading research competences through specialist training programmes in leading research institutions, also within the UW summer schools and international research teams;
  • improving the competences in foreign languages, IT, education, business and social communication that can be useful in the research work, professional development and social life;
  • new interdisciplinary programmes in doctoral education to link science and research methods, and motivate to undertake further innovative research.


The conducted actions cover:

International mobility programme for UW doctoral candidates

The programme is available for full-time and part-time doctoral students. Travel allowances and mobility scholarships are funded under the programme.


“Funds are allocated for scientific and didactic mobilities to a foreign university or research centre. Meanwhile a doctoral candidate can conduct their own research, e.g. a study of a library or archives, take an internship or learn at a summer school. Funding does not cover the cost of a scientific conference, however, a doctoral candidate can cover all the associated expenses,” Maksymilian Sas of the Education Support Centre, the University of Warsaw.


To receive funds, the mobility should last between 14 and 28 days. The longer stay abroad can receive funding just for a return travel cost.


Between November and December the 4th round of the mobility grant competition will be launched. The awarded funding will cover the cost of an international mobility in the 2022/2023 summer semester.


“Strengthening the Mobility of Doctoral Candidates of the University of Warsaw” scholarship programme

The scholarship programme allows doctoral candidates to obtain monthly financial support of PLN 2,000 through two years. National and international mobility can be intensified by the participation in international conferences and summer schools. The minimum stay time abroad for scientific and didactic purposes is eight weeks.


A scholarship recipient can have their funding of PLN 12,000 granted in one transfer. However, the recipient is obliged to submit a complete doctoral dissertation and obtain the doctoral degree in time.


“The scholarship has been granted to 51 recipients of various scientific disciplines. Despite pandemic nearly each scholarship recipient fulfilled their requirements whereas over 50% have already obtained their PhD degree,” Dr Agnieszka Janiak-Jasińska, Vice Head for Didactics in the ZIP Programme.

The Integrated Development Programme for UW doctoral candidates

The programme has been carried out since the 2018/2019 academic year. The initiative is directed to doctoral candidates and doctoral students.


“The activities that we have already conducted are mainly concentrated on the development of soft skills, didactics, language, IT and the other that can be useful in research work and on the labour market, though not strictly related to the discipline of the studies,” Maksymilian Sas explains.


Each class activity is evaluated whether needs and expectations of the participants are met.


The registration is open in every scientific discipline. The majority of the classes is conducted in English and, thus, available to doctoral candidates who are not Polish speakers.


“Since the COVID-19 pandemic the major part of the classes was carried out via the internet. The first round of the 2022/2023 registration will start in late October. The classes will Begin in November,” Maksymilian Sas says.


The programme will be conducted in the 2022/2023 summer semester.


“The programme offers both national and international doctoral summer schools. In spite of the pandemic as many as nine summer schools for doctoral candidates have been realised in the humanities and natural sciences,” Dr Agnieszka Janiak-Jasińska added.

“Quantitative Psychology and Economics” – a new education programme for doctoral candidates

In 2019/2020 the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School started an interdisciplinary education programme in psychology, economics and mathematics for doctoral candidates. Each year the UW doctoral schools recruit 15 students who are eager to research the Psychology in Economic Decisions.