Two 2-year DeepMind Scholarships are addressed to women interested in conducting master’s studies focused on machine learning at the University of Warsaw. The application deadline is 30th October.

The DeepMind Scholarship Programme gives talented students from underrepresented backgrounds an opportunity  to connect with its researchers and engineers and to study and conduct research in machine learning at leading universities. In the academic year 2022/2023, two scholarships will be awarded to women interested in master’s studies at the University of Warsaw, willing to  specialize in machine learning and conduct scientific research in this field.


Together for the development of artificial intelligence

“We are happy to continue working with DeepMind in this important scholarship program. Our department is determined to contribute to the elimination of barriers that prevent women from advancing a career in computer science,” says Prof. Paweł Strzelecki, dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw (MIM UW).


Projects financed in the last edition of the scholarship

Scholar Aleksandra Mysiak, student of MSc Programme in Machine Learning at MIM UW, collaborates with DeepMind’s Mai Gimenez and Dr Jacek Cyranka (MIM UW). Her research project concerns the topic of natural  language processing, in particular, the interactions of machine learning with traditional linguistics. She spent this summer as a Research Data Scientist – intern – in Meta in London, working mostly on statistical methods in modeling anomalous and noisy data.


Scholar Weronika Skibicka, student of MSc Programme in Applications of Physics in Biology and Medicine (Neuroinformatics) at the Faculty of Physics, collaborates with DeepMind’s Dr Jordi Grau Moya and Prof. Przemysław Biecek (MIM UW). Her research project studies the possible hierarchical structure of the auditory cortex through analysis of the features of the neural network models representing it. Dr Jordi Grau said “It has been a pleasure to mentor Weronika during the past year within the DeepMind scholarship program. The program allows for a lot of flexibility, so we could discuss many topics of interest and even put her in contact with other international researchers inside and outside DeepMind. I hope this experience expanded her mind and sparked further interest towards AI and ML.”


Third edition of scholarships

Two scholarships will be awarded in the academic year 2022/2023 to selected female students. Applicants have to meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant should be a resident in a member state of the European Union;
  • She should be accepted in the first year of the following MSc programmes at the University of Warsaw:

– Data Science and Business Analytics,

– Computer Science,

– Mathematics,

– Bioinformatics,

– Applications of Physics in Biology and Medicine


with a focus on Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.


Each scholarship amounts to 25645 EUR and covers:

  • A monthly stipend of approximately 900 EUR (for at most 24 months)
  • A one-off academic travel scholarship of 2185 EUR;
  • One-off equipment budget of 1500 EUR.

Scholarships will be awarded to two selected female students who will be pursuing their Masters studies focusing on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Warsaw in the academic years 2022/23 and 2023/24. Prospective applicants are asked to read the regulations (in Polish) and send their application to the address deepmindfellow(at) by 30th October.