In light of current events related to the novel coronavirus, many people might be concerned. Dr. Szymon Chrząstowski, head of the UW Psychological Counselling Centre advises how to deal with your emotions. From next week, students can get online psychological counselling.

During an online meeting with the UW Press Office, Dr. Szymon Chrząstowski, head of the UW Psychological Counselling Centre, advises on how to manage strong emotions due to the coronavirus, and how to use the time at home.


“The most important is not to panic. Anxiety and fear resulted from the current situation are a natural reaction,” says Dr. Szymon Chrząstowski, stressing that we should not follow strong emotions in making decisions.”


One of the methods of controlling emotional tension is good time management when spending time at home. Dr Chrząstowski suggests that students could use this time for studying or catching up on reading. The period when there are no classes can also be an opportunity to strengthen relationships with loved ones by using the internet or phone.


“We should also think about other people who might need our help: our neighbours or the elderly. It can be a very good way of dealing with anxiety,” emphasises Dr Chrząstowski.


Psychological support

The UW Psychological Counselling Centre (CPP) is a unit which offers UW students and employees help and support. From next week, an individual counselling and walk-in-clinic interventions will be provided online. The day before a scheduled appointment, a person will receive an email from a therapist, including instructions regarding a way of contact: Skype or Google Meet.


From 17th March all UW students will also be able to take advantage of special virtual consultations with psychologist, without prior registration:


  • UW students will be able to participate in the online consultations (except 16th March) from Monday to Friday (9.15-10.15);
  • The consultations will be conducted via Skype. To download Skype, please visit;
  • The address of the virtual clinic:;
  • Before the online meeting, UW students will be asked to show their student ID cards, as well as to verbally express their consent to the processing of personal data by the CPP UW;
  • The consultations last 20 minutes. In case of great interest, the meeting may be postponed to the next day;
  • Registration for online consultation is not required.


More information is available at


Conversation with Dr. Chrząstowski is also available in version with the English subtitles (YT settings).