On 3rd March, the first Electoral College meeting took place. Members of this body elected three candidates for the position of rector. On 17th June, it will be clear who will manage the university’s activity, represent UW externally and be the superior of employees, students and doctoral candidates.

The Electoral College is, apart from the University Council of the University of Warsaw, entitled to indicate candidates for the position of rector. According to UKW, the University Electoral Committee, resolution, The Electoral College comprises 389 members. The body that consists of representatives of the University community groups, academic teachers and non-academic employees (311), doctoral candidates (5), students (73) elected at faculties and in constituencies. The Electoral College of the University elects both the UW rector, and members of the Senate.


On 3rd March, the electors, in a secret ballot, indicated candidates. Each elector had the right to nominate two candidates in the candidate indication vote. The nomination did not require the candidate’s consent. The candidates nominated in the indication vote by at least 10% of the voters passed to the proper vote, after having submitted their written consent to stand for election and, take the position if elected to the University Electoral Committee.

Candidates for the UW rector indicated by the Electoral College:

– Prof. Alojzy Nowak (221 votes)

– Prof. Andrzej Tarlecki (146 votes)

– Prof. Paweł Strzelecki (96 votes)

Another body authorised to nominate candidates for the UW rector is the University Council. According to the University of Warsaw Statute, the University Council nominates two candidates. The University Council received eight applications, and following extensive deliberations and interviews with the candidates, on 11th March nominated two best candidates for the rector.


Candidates for the UW rector nominated by the University Council of the University of Warsaw:

– Prof. Andrzej Tarlecki

– Prof. Aleksander Filip Żarnecki

The one candidate, Prof. dr hab. Aleksander Filip Żarnecki, did not put his name forward to the University Electoral Committee.


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Next steps in the procedure for electing the UW rector

The UW Senate meeting aimed to give its opinion on each candidate (both indicated by the Electoral College and by the University Council) will be held on 22nd May. On 25th May, the University Electoral Committee organises a pre-election meeting with all candidates for the rector. All members of the University of Warsaw community can take part in it.


On 17th June, there will be a proper vote, and the UW rector will be elected.