Welcome Point organised two meetings for international students on safety issues and personal growth. The events took place on 6th and 7th December on the UW Main Campus.

The Safety Meeting was organised by the UW’s Welcome Point jointly with the City Hall of Warsaw. During the meeting the following topics were discussed:

  • to whom you can turn for help in a dangerous situation,
  • what the powers of the Police and the Municipal Police are,
  • what the most dangerous places in the city are,
  • how not to become a victim,
  • what is forbidden by law.


The second meeting was an all-day workshop “Setting-up Smart Goals for Personal Growth”, dedicated to all UW international students and doctoral candidates. During the event the participants learnt:

  • goal-setting strategies,
  • valuable goal-setting tips,
  • finding motivation and personalised strategies,
  • prioritise wisely.