In 2019, following the competition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education entitled “Initiative of Excellence – Research University”, the University of Warsaw was granted research university status for 2020-2026. Thanks to the funding, UW will execute 70 measures specified in the application, including programmes supporting the development of employees, doctoral candidates and students. We present the “Initiative of Excellence” calls for proposals in 2020.

Owing to undertakings planned in “Initiative of Excellence”, the University will become better recognised internationally, carry out ambitious scientific projects, and offer an education based on the latest research results. The balance between the development of scientific research and the development of student and doctoral candidates education programmes is a priority for UW.



UW has launched its microgrant programme as part of “Initiative of Excellence – Research University”. Employees and doctoral candidates can apply for co-financing of preliminary research for a project financed from external sources, funding for the publications, coverage of the costs of proofreading a scientific text by a native speaker for publication in a journal or chapter in a monograph, attendance at the conference, organisation of the conferences by the University of Warsaw, queries, and study visits. Detailed application rules and a form are available on the website. More information >>


On 3rd June, in response to the current situation in the country and worldwide, UW launched a call COVID-19 – preliminary research being part of microgrant programme.


Calls for proposals in 2020

On 15th June, UW will open its first call for proposals related to the 4EU+Alliance. Until 2020, the following calls within IDUB activities will be launched:

  • Mini-grant programme for inter-institutional research teams in the framework of strategic partnerships (two calls in a year are planned; first will be launched on 15th June)
  • Promotion of scientific research in the public domain (two calls in a year are planned)
  • A complex programme of support for UW doctoral candidates (four calls in a year are planned)
  • Strengthening and development of cooperation between the University of Warsaw and the Medical University of Warsaw in the federalisation process (two calls in a year are planned)
  • Implementation of the programme of financing projects submitted under IF MSCA
    competitive calls within the EC initiative “Seal of Excellence” (up to 3 projects in a year will be funded)
  • Courses of studies in Priority Research Areas – POBs (2nd cycle) (two calls are planned, second will be launched in 2022)
  • Programme for young female researchers and teachers (two calls are planned, second will be launched in 2021)
  • Mentoring Programme (applications are accepted for this action on a continual basis)
  • “From the Diamond Grant to the ERC grant” – creating individual plans for the research career development (two calls in a year are planned)
  • Mobility of students and doctoral candidates (two calls in a year are planned)
  • Establishing and strengthening cooperation with strategic partners (two calls in a year are planned)
  • Organising world-wide high-level congresses (one call in a year is planned)
  • Supporting researchers from abroad applying for joint prestigious research grants with the University of Warsaw (two calls in a year are planned)
  • Strengthening of the research potential of the scientific staff, in particular young scientific staff, with the purpose of achieving scientific excellence (one call in a year is planned)
  • Inclusion of talented young scientists in research teams (one call in a year is planned)

Call for project packages for new research teams (two calls are planned, second will be launched in 2021)


In a short video, Prof. Maciej Duszczyk, the UW Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations speaks about “Initiative of Excellence – Research University” and mentions calls which will enable the realisation of the initiative.

We would like all employees: academic, didactic, administrative, doctoral candidates and students to prepare concepts of their ideas which could be financed within the initiative.

My goal is that in a couple of years when we finish the programme, it would be difficult to find a person at the university who did not participate in the programme.



Online meetings on activities within five priority research areas (POB) and a possibility to join them:


  • POB 1 “Science for the Planet” – 30th June, 10:00-15:00
  • POB 2 “Beyond Micro and Macro Worlds” – 1st July, 10:00-14:00
  • POB 3 “The Challenge of Petabytes” – 2 July, 14:30
  • POB 4 “The Humanities: Crossing Borders, Extending Capabilities” – 23rd June, 17:00-19:00
  • POB 5 “Responding to Global Challenges” – 10th July, 10:00-13:00

More details to follow.