We are publishing the letter from Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, UW Rector. The letter presents the UW authorities attitude to the pandemic reaching the territory of our country. It also refers to the last spring decision on a regular mode of study in the University of Warsaw.

In the letter from 7th December 2021, UW Rector reminds the fact that the University of Warsaw is the first Polish University to declare formally to ”be determined to return the regular mode of study in the direct presence of both the tutor and the participants. Also, the letter deals with the potential responsibility for any drawbacks of the decision to provide only regular mode of teaching and learning”.


− From an economic point of view, the decision on the mode of education in 2021/2022 was taken as early as possible to help students from other parts of the country determine whether they move to Warsaw, rent a flat or a room in the UW residence hall. Therefore, the fact that we are committed to our decision about the regular mode of study shows our profound concern that our community members could make their life decisions while trusting the declarations they receive – as UW Rector explained.


UW Rector emphasizes the fact that the UW authorities discuss regularly the situation with the Student Council and the PhD Student Council. The students’ representatives claim they prefer regular courses to the online ones. Together with the Student Council and PhD Student Council we monitor the situation  and analyse our students’ attitude to the health safety at UW. Also, UW Rector comments on the survey conducted in September this year. The survey result indicates the medium level of vaccination amounting to 80 per cent in UW students and 90 per cent in UW academic teachers and administration staff. These results place the University of Warsaw on one of the safest places as for the coronavirus infection risk.