Facing the climate change and its consequent challenges, the UW Rector’s Team for Ecology and Climate Crisis has issued a document that describes strategic ”milestones” to be achieved by the University of Warsaw in the forthcoming years. The Agenda refers to the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations.

The UW authorities and academic community members have decided to prepare and commence the implementation of a comprehensive plan, which will not only minimise the environmental impact of our University and campus life, but also prepare to learn and work in new and increasingly adverse environmental conditions, as outlined in the “Climate and Sustainable Development Agenda”.

The Agenda describes the University goals related to the climate changes and biodiversity crisis. The goals have been grouped into six strategic  ”milestones” as follow:


  • Sustainable transport: the reduction of the carbon footprint generated by the UW community through work and study commuting and business travelling; the goal achievement requires new internal regulations and development of cycling infrastructure at campuses;
  • Sustainable nutrition: the reduction of the carbon footprint generated by the consumption of meat and animal products as well as the reduction of food loss and waste;
  • Sustainable consumption: the purchase of electronic equipment with the highest energy efficiency rating and the longest possible lifespan; the implementation of the sharing economy “to give a second life” to unwanted materials, electronics, furniture and equipment;
  • Sustainable use of natural resources and energy: the achievement of energy neutrality in new buildings, energy efficiency in the already existing buildings, reduced water consumption and smart solutions;
  • Education and research: the increase in the number of courses on climate change, natural environment and consequences of the climate crisis; the emphasis on the climate change research, also including the co-operation with researchers from the developing countries;
  • Preparing for the impacts of climate change: the adaptation of the premises to changing climate conditions and weather anomalies, the preparation of an update of the UW work and study rulesand regulations in the event of extreme weather events.

The above listed goals tackle all the aspects of the academic life and remain in line with the UN General Assembly resolution entitled “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.


The Climate Change and Sustainable Development Agenda


The Climate Change and Sustainable Development Agenda


Universities play a unique role in the shaping of society and the world around us. Our task is to educate the widest possible audience, which includes future decision-makers. There is no planet B; we have one chance – and it’s worth fighting for.

Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak

Rector of the University of Warsaw



The University of Warsaw, we have undertaken actions and initiatives to provide in-depth education on contemporary climate change. As an academic community, we also aim to minimise our negative impact on the environment and counter-act the adverse effects of the changes that are taking place.

Prof. Ewa Krogulec

UW Vice-Rector for Development,

Chair of the Rector’s Team for Ecology and Climate Crisis


The community of the University of Warsaw is addressing the challenges of sustainable development at various levels – regional, national and global: it builds communication platforms, changes established patterns and seeks out solutions to the problems of the modern world.

Prof. Sambor Grucza

UW Vice-Rector for Co-operation and Human Recourses



At the University of Warsaw, within the framework of activities for the Sustainable Development Goals, we provide the highest possible standards of education and actively support the idea of life-long education. Our mission is to prepare future graduates who will be aware of the contemporary challenges of civilisation and will know how to solve them.

Prof. Sławomir Żółtek

UW Vice-Rector for Students and Quality of Teaching



We are aware that scientific consensus is unequivocal – as humanity we are facing a climate and environmental crisis – so as a University we will place increasing emphasis on the research and teaching activities aimed at minimising the negative effects of climate change and seeking out innovative solutions to mitigate the changes occurring in the natural environment.

Prof. Zygmunt Lalak

UW Vice-Rector for Research