The European Commission selected 17 European university alliances, which will obtain funding for their projects to become the ‘European Universities’ of the future. One of them is the 4EU+ Alliance. In the video, Prof. Marcin Pałys, rector of UW explains what it means for researchers, students and administrative staff of six partner universities.

4EU+ consists of six comprehensive, research-intensive, public European universities: University of Warsaw, Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University, University of Copenhagen, and University of Milan. Together, the 4EU+ institutions aim to create a new quality of cooperation in teaching, education, research and administration and to establish an infrastructure that will seamlessly connect students, academic and administrative staff.


After the selection of 4EU+ as a pilot ‘European University’, Prof. Marcin Pałys, rector of the University of Warsaw said:

I am absolutely sure that in a couple of years the close cooperation in the Alliance will contribute to the development of European curricula and to the brain circulation inside the whole Europe and the institutions from the Alliance.”


The 4EU+ mission is to develop a barrier-free and continuously deepening cooperation in education, research and innovation within the Alliance. Through this collaboration and working in partnerships, the 4EU+ universities serve society to the highest level with their core values:

  • Academic and research freedom

  • Democratization of education

  • Students at the centre

  • Collaboration in an interdisciplinary approach

  • Research excellence

  • Creativity and openness

  • Integrity

  • Internationalization

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