The 4EU+ Alliance, to which the University of Warsaw belongs, is among the consortia selected for funding in the first pilot ‘European Universities’ call for proposals, launched as part of the 2019 Erasmus+ programme.

Out of 54 proposals submitted in response to the call, the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education and Culture has selected 17 European University alliances, which will obtain funding for their projects to become the ‘European Universities’ of the future.

No time to rest

4EU+ members began strategic collaboration two years ago and formally established the Alliance in March 2018 as a comprehensive partnership to develop a new quality of cooperation in research, innovation, education and services and to establish an appropriate platform ensuring free circulation of students, faculty, staff, ideas and sharing of infrastructures. Participating in the ‘European Universities’ initiative is a natural way for the Alliance to move forward.


The 4EU+ Alliance proposal in the first Erasmus+ ‘European Universities’ call was endorsed by more than 20 associated partners, ranging from non-governmental organisations, chambers of commerce, regional authorities, to business partners. Important policy-making institutions also declared their support for the 4EU+ European University Alliance.


The last few months saw more than 20 project meetings and workshops, bringing together staff and students alike. Projects such as ‘Smart cities for ageing societies’ involve students and researchers from different academic disciplines, working together on inclusive solutions to support ageing populations in rapidly developing metropolitan environments. Another mission-oriented project, ‘4EU+ against cancer’, aims to create a joint teaching programme in cancer medicine.


Expectations are high for the selected alliances. Further implementation of the ambitious ‘European University’ projects will consolidate good governance, management and communication. Having the privilege and responsibility to take part in the pilot ‘European Universities’ initiative and to pave the way for other alliances, 4EU+ members are committed to sharing their experience and practices as they build an integrated university system together, supported by the associated partners and other governmental and non-governmental institutions that have endorsed the 4EU+ project. Conscious of the challenges ahead, the Alliance has opened a call for a Secretary General who will start the position at the 4EU+ office in Paris.


In the aftermath of the announcement, the leaders of the 4EU+ Alliance express their deepest appreciation for the enthusiastic and energetic efforts of university staff that worked hand in hand on the proposal and have ensured that the activities of the Alliance have continued after the submission of the proposal in February 2019.


About the 4EU+ Alliance

The 4EU+ European University Alliance brings together six, large, public and well-established universities that are comprehensive and research intensive. The Alliance is based on a shared vision for a European University that embraces academic values, ensures equitable access to education, and shapes the next generations of open-minded and critical-thinking citizens to be ready to face and solve global challenges.