In 2018, the University of Warsaw was engaged in various research and didactic initiatives including the UW preparations for implementation the Law on Higher Education and Science (Law 2.0), formation of 4EU – a European University Alliance, and the federation with the Medical University of Warsaw. What else happened at UW during the past year? We present 10 facts.

1. University endeavour related to the implementation Law 2.0

The Law on Higher Education and Science entered into force on 1st October 2018. It is a comprehensive reform of higher education will result in big changes in the functioning of universities, their financing, and scientific careers. The University of Warsaw has been working on the preparation of new conception regarding, e.g. the university council (a new body chosen by the community of a given university), doctoral colleges or the new UW statute. In November, the UW rector’s team presented a draft of future changes at the university.


2. The UW-WUM federation

On 16th October, the University of Warsaw and the Medical University of Warsaw signed a letter of intent on the creation of their federation. Both universities want to carry out joint research projects, run joint courses, and enable their students and employees to use facilities of a partner university. UW and WUM want to formalise their cooperation in October 2019. More information


3. Participation in 4EU

In 2018, the University of Warsaw, Sorbonne University, Charles University and Heidelberg University signed a declaration regarding the formation of 4EU, a European University Alliance. The Alliance aims to strengthen cooperation in research, education and the mobility of researchers and students. The new office of UW, Office for International Research and Liaison, is responsible for the coordination of UW participation in the alliance. More information


4. Changes to the multiannual development plan

The multiannual development plan, which will continue until 2025, makes the most of the potential of the university. It aims to foster research in the humanities and social sciences, tighten up collaboration between faculties and simplify cooperation within the social and economic environment, as well as promote international academic exchange. Thanks to this programme, new buildings will be constructed and others will be refurbished. In August, the Council of Ministers of Poland adopted a resolution changing the extent and location of some investments.


5. University’s Integrated Development Programme (ZIP)

On 2nd April, the University of Warsaw commenced the ZIP programme. It aims to improve, the quality of teaching, enrich doctoral study programmes, develop skills of students and employees as well as modernise the system of administration. The programme will continue until 31st 2022.


6. Awards for academic teachers

In November, Dr. Danuta Solecka from the Faculty of Biology, Dr. Agata Komendant-Brodowska and Dr. Filip Kawczyński from the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology were awarded the UW rector’s didactic award. These teachers use innovative teaching method in their work with students.


7. 127 awarded employees

In March, 127 UW employees, who have achieved outstanding results in research or teaching, were awarded. These employees will be receiving an increased salary. In 2015, rector of the University of Warsaw established a special fund supporting those scholars who contribute to the development of the university.


8. 20 years of the Erasmus programme at UW

Poland has been participating in the Erasmus programme since 1998. The University of Warsaw is the most active Polish university regarding the mobility of students and employees. 8 460 students from abroad visited UW in 1998-2018. Most of our incoming Erasmus students come from Spain, Germany, Italy, France and Turkey.


20 years of the Erasmus programme at UW – Figures

  • 24 965 outgoing students, doctoral students and employees,
  • 8 515 incoming students,
  • 500 partner universities from abroad,
  • 1 100 companies and institutions cooperating with UW,
  • 2 million euro and 7.9 million zł mobility budget,
  • 100 UW mobility coordinators who manage Erasmus mobility at the faculties and units of UW.

9. New programme of internal grants

The University of Warsaw introduced new rules for awarding its internal grants. Funding for research projects and support for international collaboration will be granted within 5 paths. The changes are related to the fact that the University of Warsaw received funding from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for a pilot project called “Initiative of Excellence: Research University”. The programme will continue until 31st May 2019.


10. Psychological Counselling Centre of UW

On 2nd March, the University of Warsaw has opened its Psychological Counselling Centre where members of the UW community can find professional and friendly assistance at any time. Its offer covers, among others, standard psychological support sessions, a walk-in-clinic – a very short consultation in an emergency situation that does not require prior registration, psychoeducation services, and short-term psychotherapy. More information