The University of Warsaw Annual Report 2018 is a document which includes essential data on the University of Warsaw in 2018. The UW Executive Summary and annexes, being part of the annual report, are also available in English.

The University of Warsaw is the largest university in Poland and the best research centre in the country.


In 2018, the university community comprised 42 477 students and 2 880 doctoral students, including 4 871 international students. Diplomas were awarded to 9 249 graduates. The University of Warsaw employs 7 259 people, including 3 731 academic teachers (690 professors).


UW researchers implemented 3 253 research topics and participated in 50 projects financed under Horizon 2020 and 1 414 financed from national research grants. Employees of the University of Warsaw published 5 199 scientific papers.


This data and more information one can find in the University of Warsaw Annual Report 2018. On 26th June, the Senate of the University of Warsaw adopted this important document. The Executive Summary and annexes, written in English, are part of it.

UW Annual Report 2018 – Executive summary with basic facts and figures on the university (pdf)


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UW Annual Report 2018 – Annexes (pdf)


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