“Urban Regulations and Political Memory: Towards Understanding Spatio-Temporal Aspects of Urban Development PLUS” is an international, interdisciplinary course open to students and doctoral candidates. It is carried out by four universities of the 4EU+ Alliance: University of Warsaw, University of Milan, Charles University and Sorbonne University. The application deadline is 5th October.

Selected in the SEED4EU+ call, the UNREAD project is led by Dr Karolina Wojciechowska from the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw. It concerns changes in the conditions of the urban development of smart cities in Poland, Italy and Czech Republic, according to three dimensions: past (history), present (law) and future (geography).


The project emphasises an integrated and interdisciplinary approach in order to understand the complexity of new urban centres in which real estate development must coexist with the protection of the environment and with the history and heritage of the local community.


The online course can be attended by students and doctoral candidates of the 4EU+ universities, including the University of Warsaw, regardless of field of study. The final conference will take place in March 2024 at the University of Milan.

In March 2022 the UNREAD final conference was held at the University of Warsaw:



Deadline: 5th October

Start of the course: 4th October


The participation in the UNREAD course is free of charge for students and doctoral candidates.


More information can be found on the 4EU+ Alliance website >>