On 29th June the Senate of the University of Warsaw adopted “The University of Warsaw Rector’s Annual Report 2022”. The report covers significant data on the UW, e.g. research, education, international cooperation, academic mobility, social and cooperate outreach, finances and investments. The document also includes the calendar of the most important events of the past year.

The academic activity of the University of Warsaw in 2022 was highly influenced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The great effort of our Alma Mater’s community proves that we can stand up to every challenge. We are able to give help to those who need it. Since the beginning of the war, the University of Warsaw has engaged in various activities related to the aid for Ukraine. For this purpose, the crisis team was constituted at the highest level. We introduced unpaid Polish language courses and organised psychological, social and legal assistance. We worked on a system of remote teaching and support to Ukrainian students. In collaboration with the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland, the University of Warsaw prepared and implemented a system of admissions for Ukrainian candidates at all universities in the country. The total amount of this aid package is estimated at around PLN 200 million, the UW Rector writes in the introduction to the report.

The document presents e.g. the process of reestablishing the Faculty of Medicine, where the UW students will have a chance to study medicine after a 70-years hiatus. Furthermore, the results of the previous year’s evaluation of scientific activity, the 4EU+ Alliance, and the investments conducted under the multi-annual development plan are mentioned. Finally, the report covers the renewing of the HR Excellence in Research distinction and the UW’s actions to protect climate and environment.



The report is the third document of this kind prepared in the term of Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak as the Rector of the University of Warsaw. “The year 2022 was full of challenges, but thanks to the work of the entire university community, we pursued the UW’s mission, continuing strategic initiatives and conducting research and teaching at a high level. All undertaken activities prove that we are a community that works effectively for the development of our Alma Mater and can also effectively help all those who need it. Thank you all for your cooperation and commitment to the mission and development of the University of Warsaw,” Prof. Nowak adds in the introduction. 


As the report is prepared in Polish, generally, the selected chapters are duly translated into English: Executive Summary, Basic Data on the University in 2022, and annexes.