The UW rector decided on the rules for conducting remote exams. In a new rector’s order, there is information regarding, e.g. IT tools that can be used to control the course of exams and their registration.

According to the rector’s order, exams will be carried out with the use of IT tools which enable to control the course and registration of exams as well as to ensure the security of personal data of students and examiners. The order is in line with the Law on Higher Education and Science (introduced in the amendment as of 16th April 2020). The Law allows universities to conduct remote examinations but introduces the necessity of their registration.


To conduct online exams following IT tools can be used:

  • Tools available on the Kampus e-learning platform run by the Digital Competence Centre of the University of Warsaw (CKC UW),
  • Google tools available as part of G Suite for Education, a suite of tools designed to empower educators and students as they learn and innovate together, especially Google Meet to examine students and doctoral candidates orally.
Data security

IT tools for conducting online examinations need to secure data, including the protection of personal data of examiners and students. The head of a unit may apply to the rector to use a different IT tool than those mentioned in the order, given that they receive a positive opinion from the Inspector for Personal Data Protection at the University of Warsaw.


Examiners are responsible for preparing and conducting exams. They are supported by exam coordinators, appointed for a given field by heads of units.


Heads of units will announce lists of subjects that reach completion as online exams, together with information on the form of their conduct and IT tools, at least seven days before the start of the examination period or a date of the examination scheduled before the examination period.


Lecturers who run particular classes are responsible for informing students about conducting assessments in a remote form (along with information about IT tools, form and range) at least seven days before the end of courses.


Records of exams

The records of remote oral exams are stored for fourteen days from their completion. It is recommended to record using Google Meet. Then the recording is saved to the individual Google disk of the recorder and is not stored on a private computer.


Only recordings of exams or other forms of gaining course credits are permitted.


Detailed information on conducting online exams and gaining course credits are available in the rector’s order as of 4th May (the document is in Polish) >>