Prof. Marcin Pałys, the rector of the University of Warsaw, introduced changes to the current academic year. They particularly refer to educational classes of the summer semester, and the summer examination period.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic, classes for students, doctoral candidates and post-diploma learners of the University of Warsaw were moved online. However, some of them could not be conducted remotely (e.g. laboratory classes), that is why the academic schedule 2019/2020 needed to be updated.

Changes to the current academic schedule:
  • Postponing the end of educational classes from 10th June to 2nd August 2020. It only refers to these classes which programme could not be carried out earlier.
  • Postponing the last day of the summer examination period from 5th July to 23rd August 2020 and organising the summer examination period in three blocks:

1st block: 15th June – 5th July 2020;

2nd block: 13th July – 2nd August 2020,

3rd block: 3rd August – 23rd August 2020.


If the curriculum is completed before 2nd August, then credits or exams can be held earlier, e.g. in the first block of the examination period. The decision on this matter is taken by the head of the unit (after taking into consideration the situation in a given field of study). Information on the block in which the summer exam period will take place will appear on the unit’s website by 31st May 2020.


  • The organisation of foreign language exams from 15th June to 2nd August 2020. A detailed schedule of foreign language exams will be announced by 25th May 2020 by the Coordination Board for Language Proficiency Certification.
  • The organisation of resit exams in foreign languages is postponed from 31st August to 13th September 2020;
  • Dates of holiday blocks.

More information is available here (in Polish) >>