As of 1st September, employees of the University of Warsaw are able to perform occasional remote work. The amount of remote work cannot exceed 24 days per calendar year.

On 5th July 2023, the Ordinance No. 127 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw on the principles of performing occasional remote work at the University of Warsaw was published. Occasional remote work can be requested by both academics and employees who are not academics.

Occasional remote work must be performed on the territory of Poland. Other conditions include:


  • the nature and scope of the duties performed by the employee or work organisation and the characteristics of the tasks carried out by the organisational unit of the University, in which the employee performs their duties, do not require the direct presence of the employee on the employer’s premises in order for the employee to perform their work;
  • the results of the work can be submitted to the direct superior by means of electronic communication and the direct superior has the ability to monitor the work performed and its results;
  • the employee uses portable work equipment to perform remote work;
  • it is possible to maintain the high quality of work, the performance of remote work does not lead to the decrease of its efficiency or deterioration of cooperation between employees;
  • remote work will be performed under conditions respecting occupational health and safety regulations, personal data protection guidelines together with information security and protection requirements.

Employees occupying positions in the following groups are excluded from performing occasional remote work: services, security, drivers, manual workers, instructors.


Occasional remote work does not cover work:

  • that is particularly hazardous;
  • that exceeds the acceptable norms of physical elements for residential premises;
  • with the hazardous chemical agents referred to in occupational health and safety regulations related to the presence of chemical agents in the workplace;
  • that involves the use or release of harmful biological agents, radioactive substances, and other substances or mixtures that emit noxious odours;
  • that produces excessively dirty substances.
24 days

The employees can request for up to 24 days of occasional remote work per calendar year. An application for approval of performing remote work is submitted via the SAP/FIORI system. The procedure and the approval of the request is the same as the one concerning holiday leave: an employee submits a request for occasional remote work via the “Leave requests” tab (PL: “Wnioski urlopowe”) and then selects the “Occasional remote work” (PL: “Praca zdalna okazjonalna”) request from the “Request type” (PL: “Rodzaj wniosku”) drop-down list.