Eager to learn new languages, explore new cultures or meet peers? Our university units the Volunteer Centre and Welcome Point join hands and organise the Multicultural Volunteering Online.

The Volunteer Centre of UW encourages both the UW community and everyone who wants to engage, to act and develop social and civic attitudes consciously and responsibly. Multicultural Volunteering is an action organised regularly. This time, together with the Welcome Point team, it will be conducted online.


Currently, UW students do not attend their regular classes on UW campuses, but they take part in online learning. In these extraordinary times, it can be very supportive to meet online and learn about new cultures, improve Polish or other languages or simply talk to someone.


In order to take part, please fill in a Volunteer Form. In response, the Volunteer Centre team will send you a link to the table. Tick your availability or team up with someone you would like to talk to. Join the FB group, you will be provided with the link. Follow the updates posted by the Volunteer Centre of UW.


Suggestions, requests and questions regarding the group can be sent to the following address: wolontariat(at)uw.edu.pl.


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