Some of UW faculties, doctoral schools, and other units published lists of online classes which will be conducted as of 23rd March. Information on them will appear regularly on the websites.

According to the Rector’s Order on preventing COVID-19 spread among the UW community, all classes for students and doctoral students were cancelled.


On 20th March, some of UW faculties, doctoral schools and other units informed, on their websites, on these lectures and classes which will start as of Monday, 23rd March.


Online courses are being published on the university websites, e.g. Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, Faculty of Physics, Doctoral School of Social Sciences, or Doctoral School of Humanities.


Please follow the information posted on the websites of individual units in order to get an update.


Online courses correspond to traditional classes.

The Digital Competence Centre of the University of Warsaw (CKC UW) prepared information regarding the simplification of procedures and instructions on the possibility of conducting online classes, using Kampus, our university e-learning platform. All information was published at

Other tools for conducting remote learning:

The UW IT will support you in case of any difficulties or questions on using above-mentioned online systems. However, there are more options to use, e.g. Zoom, BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, or Discord.