A mobile student card is already available at UW. This is an electronic version of a student document with the same legal value as its traditional version. To download it, one should first install the Mobile USOS and “mObywatel” applications on their smartphone.

At the end of December 2019, the University of Warsaw and the Ministry of Digital Affairs signed an agreement regarding the issue of mobile student cards. It is a mobile version of the document confirming the status of a student and entitling to the use of statutory discounts. Its launch is possible thanks to the free public application “mObywatel”. After integrating this system with Mobile USOS, and connecting its production environment with the university system, it is possible to install “mLegitymacja” on a mobile device. Temporarily it will be supported only by the Android operating system.


Ordering, renewing or cancelling a mobile student card is possible via the Mobile USOS application. A special “mLegitymacja” module was created in it. In addition to general information about the “mObywatel” application and the “mLegitymacja” itself, there is also an option that allows a student to order, receive access codes, revoke the “mLegitymacja”, and open the “mObywatel” application.



It is worth to emphasize that it is the student who decides whether and when to install “mLegitymacja”, he or she carries out all the steps independently without the interference of the university administration.


For a mobile student card can apply students:

  • having a valid Electronic Student Card (ELS);
  • having a PESEL number and album number;
  • having photo uploaded on their accounts in USOS;
  • whose personal data have not changed since the issuance of ELS.

Applications are successively transferred to the “mObywatel” system through USOS. After their completion, the Mobile USOS application will show a notification about the possibility of downloading “mLegitymacja” thanks to the QR and activation codes received. One “mLegitymacja” can be installed on only one phone.


The mobile student card is a full-fledged equivalent of the plastic ELS. This does not mean, however, that the obligation to have a traditional document disappears. “mLegitymacja” has a complementary function. It allows, for example, to confirm the status of a student when a given person does not have ELS with them.


The “mLegitymacja” module in Mobile USOS is available in Polish or English.

The USOS Mobile Application is one of the e-services developed under the project “e-UW – rozwój e-usług Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego związanych z edukacją” (“e-UW – development of e-services of the University of Warsaw related to education”) implemented under the Regional Operational Program of the Masovian Voivodeship, co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of the Masovian Voivodeship 2014-2020.