Just as every year, the Volunteer Centre of UW organises a special mission before Christmas. The UW community members can get involved and send online Christmas wishes which will be forwarded to ca. 90 seniors, staying in the Nursing Home of the Society of St. Francis de Sales in Warsaw. Especially during the Christmas season, every kind word addressed to seniors will be extremely important, as of mid-March their contact with the outside world is limited. That is why the mission matters.


How to get involved in the “Mission: Christmas Card”? There are two ways:


  1. One can send the text of wishes on wolontariat[at]uw.edu.pl. The VC team members will put them on an online Christmas card, and send to the Nursing Home.
  2. One can prepare an online Christmas card yourself and send on wolontariat[at]uw.edu.pl. Please remember to add your wishes.

It is advised to make the wishes more personal by beginning with greetings, e.g. Dear Senior, or signing them with your name. The wishes will be forwarded, read to seniors, and displayed on the screens in the Nursing Home so that they feel kindness and support during the Christmas season. One can send their wishes by 15 th December.


Who can take part in the mission? The action aims to involve the UW community members, namely:


  • students
  • doctoral candidates
  • graduates
  • employees
  • pensioners

The main goal of the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw is to activate the academic community and everyone who wants to develop within themselves a social and civic attitude in a conscious and responsible way. Details: www.wolontariat.uw.edu.pl/mission-2020.