Welcome Point is an information point where everyone can get help and information during their stay at the University of Warsaw. There are two locations of this unit. First WP office is available on the main campus, and the second one operates on the campus in Ochota.

The new Welcome Point was open on the campus in Ochota district two weeks ago. Students from Russia, Armenia, India, Thailand and Ukraine, who get education at UW, visited it seeking help and guidance. They were interested in finding information on, e.g. library services under pandemic restrictions, scholarships, students’ union, dormitories and the procedures regarding registration for classes and lectures.


Incoming students are welcome with small gifts, including student packs and tourist information regarding our university, Warsaw and Poland. The new spot in Ochota facilitates access to information and advice for exact and natural sciences students and those who live in dormitories at Żwirki i Wigury Street. 



“I am glad that Welcome Point is also on the campus in Ochota now. We can complete all the formalities related to, e.g. the employment of international scientists much faster and more efficiently, and above all, here, on the spot. We can save a lot of time,” says Professor Ryszard Kutner, who invited a visiting lecturer Dr. Zbigniew Struzik to the UW Faculty of Physics (It was possible thanks to the University’s Integrated Development Programme (ZIP).


Welcome Point remains open for visitors who follow precautionary measures on:

  • wearing a mask, 
  • keeping a safe distance from other people (2 meters),
  • using hand sanitizers.

Due to a dynamic situation, the Welcome Point team asks to make an appointment by e-mail before visiting the office. All the matters which do not require in-person contact should be handled by e-mail or by sending a message on the Welcome group on Facebook. 

The new spot of Welcome Point is situated on the ground floor of the CeNT building (on the campus in Ochota district), open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm.