The new academic year has just started. If you are an international student who began their studies at the University of Warsaw, and you want to find out more about Poland, Warsaw and the communication in a multicultural environment, you can take part in our Cultural Orientation Workshops.


The Welcome Point of the University of Warsaw will organise three Cultural Orientation Workshops. The events will help international students to adapt to a new environment and to better understand other people.


  • The first workshop, (19th-20th October), is dedicated to first-year long-term students of 2nd cycle studies (MA).
  • The second meeting, (16th-17th November), is dedicated to first-year long-term students of 1st cycle studies (BA).
  • The last workshop, (23rd-24th November), will gather other long-term students of 1st and 2nd cycle studies and long cycle (uniform) Master’s studies.


Each event will be conducted in English. In order to participate, please register.


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