Welcome Point will organise “Cultural Orientation Workshops”. Its main goal is to provide all newcomers at the University of Warsaw with tools that will ease their life in a new place at the very beginning. The event will be held on 15th October. 

Welcome Point of the University of Warsaw is organising “Cultural Orientation Workshops” for international students (long-term students only).


The event is organised to help international students at UW earn more about Poland, the city of Warsaw, culture shock experience, communication in a multicultural environment, and more.


The workshop (in English) will take place on 15th October between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm at the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw office (in the building of the University of Warsaw Library, 56/66 Dobra Street).


It will be conducted by Katarzyna Kucharska, a trainer from the Volunteer Center of the University of Warsaw.


Application deadline: 8th October, midnight. To participate, one needs to register.


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