As a result of easing restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, readers can partly use the University of Warsaw Library (BUW) resources. As of 18th May, BUW resumes lending, free scanning services, and individual appointments with readers.

Starting from 18th May (until further notice), students, doctoral candidates and employees of UW can lend books and scan materials. The Circulation Desk of the library will be temporarily located in the restoration room on the ground floor of the building (room 085). It will be open to readers from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (except public holidays)If you would like to lend books, please follow the rules published on the BUW website.


Individual appointments with readers are possible, however, it is obligatory to agree with the BUW employees the purpose, date and time of appointments. Making an appointment in advance is mandatory.


Free scanning

As of 18th May, students, doctoral candidates and employees of UW, who have an active library account at the library, have no overdue library (BUW) materials and no fees charged by the University of Warsaw Library, can order scanning of the materials. More information >>


Safety rules

All readers are obliged to apply the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate recommendations and comply with the principles during their stay at the University of Warsaw Library. Find out more >>