On 19th May, the 4th edition of the Vegan Day was organised at the UW Faculty of Modern Languages. The aim of the event is to draw the attention of the academic community to environmentally friendly attitudes to nutrition.

The Vegan Day at the UW is a project of Finnish studies students. On this occasion, the students prepare various, interesting and tasty vegan dishes. With the initiative, the organisers want to encourage the UW community to reflect on the fate of livestock in the mass production of meat and dairy.


At this year’s edition of the Vegan Day, the participants could enjoy e.g. vegetable salad with vegan mayonnaise, marinated tofu, roasted cauliflower paste and coconut cake.


“The Vegan Day is an excellent opportunity for our university community to learn more about environmentally friendly attitudes,” Prof. Ewa Krogulec, the UW Vice-Rector for Development, stressed.


The event is one of the activities supported by the Rector’s Team on Ecology and the Climate Crisis.