Every year, the 4EU+ Alliance organises its Annual Meeting. This year the event will be held from 3rd to 5th November in Heidelberg, Germany. The General Assembly will be transmitted via livestream.

The University of Warsaw is a member of the 4EU+ Alliance – a network of six European research universities, which also includes: University of Heidelberg (Germany), Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Milan (Italy), and Sorbonne University (France). In 2019, the 4EU+ Alliance was selected as a pilot ‘European University’.


Every year, representatives of the 4EU+ Alliance meet with the aim of developing perspectives for taking the Alliance forward. So far, there have been two such meetings: one in Paris (2019) and the other online, organised by Charles University in Prague (2020).


This year’s 4EU+ Annual Meeting will be held in Heidelberg from 3rd to 5th November. It will be attended by, among others, Rectors, Vice-Rectors/Vice-Presidents, members of the Governing Board, Management Committee, General Secretariat, Student Committee, heads of local 4EU+ offices, Flagship Programme Committees, researchers, as well as working groups from six universities belonging to the Alliance.


Scheduled events include 4EU+ Governing Board and Academic Council meetings, sessions with Flagship Programme Committees, Working Groups and Work Packages, European University Project Coordination Committee and Steering Committee TRAIN4EU+, Student Committee meeting, as well as five think tanks. There is also the 4EU+ General Assembly on the agenda, which will be transmitted online:

4th November, 17:30 – 19:00: