What is Open Science? What happens with a scientific publication between the time of writing and the formatted paper published in an academic journal? What are the Creative Commons licenses? These aspects of Open Science will be explored during a series of online workshops organised by the universities of the 4EU+ Alliance, including the University of Warsaw. Registration is open now. The first training meeting will take place on 8th November.

The series of workshops consists of 14 classes that will be held online. They will be devoted to the various aspects of Open Science, e.g.:

  • What is Open Science?;
  • Cycle of scientific publication: an overview;
  • Strategies for publishing in Open Access journals;
  • Data Management Plans – one tool with many applications;
  • Research Impact & Bibliometrics: open science, society, innovation.

The workshops will be conducted in English by experts from all six member universities of the 4EU+ Alliance: University of Warsaw, Charles University (Czech Republic), University of Heidelberg (Germany), Sorbonne University (France), University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and University of Milan (Italy). UW will be represented by: Dr. Zuzanna Wiorogórska and Szymon Andrzejewski.


The classes are addressed to doctoral candidates, senior researchers, research support or anyone interested. Registration forms for each workshop and contact details are available on the 4EU+ website >>


The first class will be held on 8th November.