The University of Warsaw participated in the Night of Museums on 18th and 19th of May, offering a wide array of engaging activities and exhibitions across its diverse faculties, the UW Museum, the UW Library, the Centre for East European Studies, and many other units. Nearly twenty-two thousand people visited the academic site.

The Night of Museums is a recurring event, which opens the collections of various cultural institutions to the public in the evening and at night. This annual festival brought together the University community and the public to celebrate history, art, and science in a unique and immersive way. During this year’s edition their doors opened the University of Warsaw Museum, the Faculty of Archaeology, the Faculty of Oriental Studies, the Centre for East European Studies, the University of Warsaw Library, the Botanic Garden, Theatre of Dance “Warszawianka”, the academic Kampus Radio.


From 18th to 19th May the University of Warsaw hosted almost twenty-two thousand visitors.

Arts and medicine

The University of Warsaw Library curated a special exhibition featuring the theme “Ciao, ciao! From medicine to arts!”. Enthusiasts could watch rich collections of historical artefacts and artistic exhibitions such as clinical atlases of human anatomy, graphics, drawings and posters from various historical periods. The UW Library Garden was open as long as 1 am.


The University of Warsaw Museum in the Tyszkiewicz-Potocki Palace opened its doors to showcase an exhibition “Na kampusie wszystko gra” which presented the history of games ranging from the Bronze Age to the 20th century. The visitors had also a chance to play historical games, for example the 19th c. naval battle and the labyrinth escape, or “Little Goose” from the 16th c. Florence.

From Asia to Africa

The visitors could join the employees of the Faculty of Oriental Studies in their around-the-world journey to uncover peculiarities of Asian and African culture through field games and workshops. In the exhibition by the Centre for East European Studies, anyone interested had an opportunity to learn about the culture of Eastern countries, their traditional cuisines, and folk music. Further, the Faculty of Archaeology invited enthusiasts to step back in time in archaeological exhibits.

Detective riddles

The Night of Museums created also an excellent opportunity to visit the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden after dusk. Detective riddles enthusiasts could play a field game “In search with buckthorn! A secret of a lost plant!”.