On 20th April, the UW Main Campus was visited by prospective students and doctoral candidates interested in exploring the University’s educational offerings. Many representatives of faculties were on hand to answer questions about and provide insights into the academic life.

Over sixty information stands provided a chance for individuals interested in pursuing higher education to discover the diverse range of study programmes offered by the University of Warsaw. Faculty members, academic advisors, and current students and doctoral candidates as well as representatives from the Academic Sports Association, Open University, 4EU+ Alliance, UW Incubator, Hybrydy Theatre, “Warszawianka” Dance Theatre, UW Museum, and Kampus Radio were on hand to anyone eager to explore their options for higher education or international learning experience.



The Open Day is a gateway to explore the educational offer, admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and student support services as well as extracurricular activities like volunteer activities, sports and cultural organisations available at the UW.



The attendees had the chance to take part in creative workshops, Slavic scientific picnic, and meet representatives of research organisations. They also had an opportunity to interact with current students who could answer questions about the Erasmus+ programme, and provide insights into the University life. The DKMS Foundation, the biggest database of stem cell and bone morrow donors, was present there as well.


2024/2025 Admissions

Registration for 2024/2025 study programmes at the University of Warsaw will launch on 6th June 2024. The timeline of the first-cycle programmes, long-cycle study programmes, and the second-cycle programmes is available on the website of the UW’s Admissions Office.


Submissions are accepted via the Internet Recruitment of Candidates platform (PL: system Internetowej Rekrutacji Kandydatów; IRK). Those interested in higher education at the UW can learn about academic programmes, admission timelines, and requirements for 2024/2025 described in the IRK system.