The University of Warsaw participated in the celebrations of the Night of Museums, which was held on 13th and 14th May. Various attractions were prepared for that occasion by the UW Museum, Library, Botanic Garden, Faculty of Archeology and Faculty of Oriental Studies.

The Night of Museums is a recurring event, which opens the collections of various cultural institutions to the public in the evening and at night. This year’s edition also witnessed the participation of the UW units. 


At the UW Library the visitors had a chance to see valuable drawings, documents and books devoted to the Copernican Revolution. One of them was the first edition of “De Revolutionibus” by Copernicus. Moreover, the Library’s garden, specially illuminated for the Night of Museums, was opened till 1 a.m. 


The University of Warsaw Museum invited all participants of the event to visit the historic campus of the University. One of the most interesting attractions at the Museum was Janusz Fiszer’s collection, which contains, among others, the documents signed by Napoleon, Henry VIII and Richard Nixon.


The UW Botanic Garden organised a field game “Szalej ze strzygą”, which was centred around Slavic beliefs. 


Other attractions of the Night included the presentation of excavated objects at the Faculty of Archeology, the performance of the “Warszawianka” ensemble and the talks on fortune-telling at the Faculty of Oriental Studies.