Welcome Point prepared two workshops for UW international employees. One is related to cultural orientation and the Polish culture (on 22nd November), and the second concerns practical information on the structure and culture of the University of Warsaw. The registration deadline is 14th November. 
Poland and Poles – Cultural Orientation Training for the International Staff of the University (22nd November, 16:30-20:00)

Workshop objectives:

  • Polish Culture – a short overview:


-Important Figures

-Behaviour and Communication Styles


  • Some aspects of living in Warsaw
  • The Most Significant Polish Historical, Geographical and Cultural Contexts
  • Important Dates and Traditions


Onboarding for international staff – practical training on the structure and culture of the University of Warsaw (25th November, 16:30-20:00)

Workshop objectives:

  • Dealing with Culture Shock and Acculturation Process
  • Polish Academic Culture:

– Academic Values and Cultural Differences

– Organisational Culture of the University of Warsaw

– Structure of the University of Warsaw

  • Dimensions of culture in the context of work in the Polish higher education institution.

The workshops will be held in the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw (56/66 Dobra Street). 


Registrations are available through the Kampus platform:


It is possible to participate in both workshops.


More information is available at welcome.uw.edu.pl >>